Snow Shoe Charity Trek

What is the Snow Shoe Trek 2021?

If you enjoy hiking in the summer, you will love hiking in the winter. We are asking you to join our trek for a mesmerising experience of walking through a winter wonderland, on snow shoes, through the beautiful Hossa National Park in Finland. An opportunity that many will never experience, witnessing the deepest blue skies against glittering white snow, taking in the quiet of the bewitching scenery as you trek.

This exciting trek, leaving in March 2021, will last for 5 days and will take you deep into the National Park where you will experience the peace and quiet of the pristine forest, which is home to herds of wild roaming Reindeer. You will be snowshoeing across a varied terrain, from frozen lakes, through forests and along ridges. No previous snowshoeing experience is required for this trek however, just a reasonable level of fitness.


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For the duration of the trek you will be staying in remote Finnish cabins where you can enjoy spending time sipping drinks by the open fire, warming your hands and reflecting on your day with your fellow trekkers. Alternatively, you may decide to take advantage of the Lakeside Sauna and if you are brave enough, take a dip in the icy Lake afterwards! Definitely an experience not to be missed.

Due to the isolation of this stunning part of Finland you can really enjoy the tranquillity of nature and be at one with the stunning scenery. With little to no light pollution there is a very good chance you may be able to witness the truly incredible Northern Lights. The photographs capturing the stunning colours which friends and family will never believe are real.

This really will be a week of your life like no other.


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7 – 13 Mar 2021, £1490

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