Every person we help and every life we save is only possible because of your generous donations.

Your support means that we can be there for each and every one of the 60 people we are called out to every single day across Lincolnshire.

Where your donation goes

We train and kit-out each volunteer to ensure they are equipped with lifesaving equipment to assist quickly and efficiently in a medical emergency. It costs £1,000 to keep a LIVES responder on the road for a year and a further £2,000 to recruit, train and equip a new responder. LIVES also have 70 volunteer medics who are trained doctors, nurses and paramedics who provide critical care to patients across the county. It costs £5,000 to keep each of our LIVES medics on the road.

We rely on your support to raise the £1 million we need to keep our volunteers fully trained, kitted and saving lives each year.