Everyday Hero Catherine

Catherine on call

Catherine lives at home in Lincolnshire with her husband and 4 children, but she’s not just a wife and mother. Alongside her work as a missionary and guest house manager Catherine is also a volunteer for LIVES.

Get to know Catherine

Having initially trained as a nurse, Catherine joined the New Tribes Mission in the early 90s to work as a missionary, which meant travelling to remote areas in different countries. Having trained as a nurse, she discovered her skills weren’t always offering her the experience she needed when dealing with very unusual illnesses and injuries, so when Catherine heard about LIVES it seemed an amazing opportunity to develop her triaging skills but also give back to the community.

“My aim was always to help people in their time of need, that is why I trained to become a nurse before joining New Tribes Mission. However, I discovered once I travelled to remote areas in places like Columbia and Mexico dealing with snake bites and other unusual illnesses my nursing skills were lacking. When I heard about LIVES it seemed the perfect opportunity to develop skills to deal with an incident on scene while giving back to my local community.”

After responding for LIVES for 4 years, Catherine knows the difference having a LIVES responder in your community can make.

“I really like that we get to respond in our local community. Not only can you get to someone incredibly quickly and when they need you the most, but it’s also really special when you get the opportunity to help a friend and be a familiar face at a difficult time. I like that we can still be there after the ambulance has gone and offer support to the family. ”

A lot of Catherine’s spare time is taken up doing various things with LIVES. She’s enjoyed the opportunity to get involved with providing first aid at events, helping out with fundraising activities and teaching basic life support in some of the local schools. But it’s responding that she loves the most. So, how does she juggle being a mum to 4 children, working and responding for LIVES?

“I spent 5 years as part of the PTA for the local primary school but responding for LIVES definitely fills a lot of my spare time now. The opportunity to give back to my community and support people in their time of need makes it’s completely worthwhile.”

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