Everyday Hero Darryl

Plasterer by day, lifesaver by night

Darryl has spent 32 years being a plasterer and tiler, but he’d always been interested in first aid. When he heard about LIVES through his local community, he decided to become a responder and 4 years later, he’s not looked back.

Get to know Darryl

Darryl gives up all of his spare time to respond for LIVES, he really believes that LIVES is an imperative part of the local community, and living in a coastal area of Lincolnshire himself, he understand that a LIVES volunteer can make all the difference.

“I’ve always had an interest in first aid. I initially trained as a first aider for the local youth football team. It wasn’t until I was doing a plastering job for someone that responded for LIVES and he told me all about what they do that I decided that I really wanted to get involved. That was 4 years ago and as soon as I finish work I put myself on call. Our role in such a remote area is crucial. Being able to get to someone quickly and being first on scene can often be the difference to someone’s injuries or illness.”

Despite not having a medical background prior to joining LIVES, Darryl has dealt with some serious medical emergencies and remembers his first life-threatening callout,

“I’d been called to an elderly lady who was unwell. I arrived quickly but when I got there she went into a cardiac arrest in front of me. I was able to respond immediately and bring her back. I’ll never forget that.”

LIVES responders were called to over 21,000 people in Lincolnshire last year of which 83% were first on scene. These figures highlight the importance the responders role is and Darryl knows how important it is to get there quickly and react straight away,

“I’ll never forget my first call out after my training and shadowing. You really feel the importance of doing the best for the person and their family. I remember my hands were shaking as I completed the paperwork, but I also remember the feeling of immense pride, knowing I had made a difference to someone when they needed it most.”

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