Everyday Hero Dr Simon

The doctor will see you now

After starting with LIVES 25 years ago, Simon’s one of our longest serving responders. He’s also one of the most skilled, having trained as a GP and developed an extended set of skills to now be a leading doctor in Pre-hospital Emergency Care in Lincolnshire, as well as Clinical Director at LIVES.

Get to know Simon

Simon moved to Lincolnshire when he was 2, and apart from a few breaks for university and career opportunities, he’s been based in Lincolnshire ever since.  After completing his GP training in Scarborough and Whitby, Simon returned to Lincolnshire, he tells us why he joined LIVES,

“When I did my GP training in North Yorkshire, I’d go out to some horrible road traffic accidents with my GP Trainer, and this really showed me the importance of pre-hospital emergency care. So when I moved back to Lincolnshire I looked up LIVES.”

While Simon is an Urgent Care doctor in his work life, he still feels the need to be able to offer his skills as a volunteer too. He explains why LIVES in so important in a large, rural county like Lincolnshire,

“It helps balance out the health inequality that can come from rurality. I just think it’s unfair that if you happen to live in rural Lincolnshire that you should have a poorer standard of healthcare than someone who lives in inner city London. I think that’s something LIVES contributes to, levelling out those inequalities.”

Simon’s so involved and committed to LIVES and helping people that he says if we were to cut him open he’d have LIVES running through him,

“It’s so much part of my life and it’s always been part of my family life too. Sunday dinner never seemed to go without a callout when my children were younger. But what keeps me wanting to do this is that sense of making a difference. If you can be with someone on their worst ever day and in some way make it better for them then I think you’ve achieved a lot. Particularly if you’ve saved somebody’s life, that’s incredibly rewarding and there’s people I still feel a special bond with, after having made that difference for them.”

Simon is passionate about LIVES and improving patient care. His skills have saved numerous limbs and lives over the years.

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