Everyday Hero Finalist Aaron Daubney

Everyday Hero Finalist Aaron Daubney

Aaron has been a Firefighter for 29 years, he served 6 years as a Retained Firefighter for Humberside Fire and Rescue, which had given him his taste for the job. He applied to several services as a whole-time firefighter and got a position at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue in 1998. Aaron is based at Gainsborough Fire Station where they have 2 Engines, 2 boats and a HVP High volume pump. He is also one of the instructors on the HVP and the Firefighters Charity rep. Aaron has many interests outside of the job ranging from Angling, boxing, running, bird watching, and he is a keen Lepidopterist (a person who studies or collects butterflies and moths) 

Aaron’s crew members nominated him they said, “Aaron works on my watch at Gainsborough fire station. He has been a firefighter for nearly 30 years and has saved countless lives and continues to do so every day. Aaron is an amazing man and anyone who meets him agrees. He can make the most challenging and difficult incidents feel relaxed and calm with his confident, competent, and friendly attitude.” 

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