Everyday Hero Joe

Not your average Joe…

Joe first started volunteering for LIVES a year ago. After being introduced to LIVES while on his first aid at work course a family emergency on the same day made Joe take the step to responder.

Get to know Joe

Joe works fulltime at Siemens in his role as Storeman. He’s been there about 4 years and prior to last year had no medical background or experience.  He was born and raised in Lincoln, surrounded by his close family who are all Lincolnshire-based too. Joe tells us about the day that made him want to become a responder for LIVES,

“I was on my first aid at work course with Siemens and we’d just covered the heart attacks and strokes section when I checked my phone, which had been going berserk all morning. Loads of family members had been trying to get in touch with me and it turned out my grandad had had a heart attack. Luckily he recovered, but it made me think about what I could have done to help if I’d been there with him. And with the first aid course being fresh in my mind and learning about what LIVES do, I signed up.”

After a year with LIVES and progressing to a Level 3 responder, Joe has already attended over 80 incidents. He sometimes finds it difficult trying to manage his time between work and LIVES, but he like’s everything about responding,

“I enjoy helping people in the community. If I can help someone and potentially save an ambulance, then that’s great. The real rewarding calls are when you know you’ve done something that’s made a difference and that someone has benefited for you being there before the ambulance. That makes it worthwhile.”

So, according to Joe what makes LIVES so unique?

“The people. LIVES works so well because everyone is doing this because they want to, not because they have to.”

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