Everyday Hero Nomination – Jack Skipworth

Everyday Hero Nomination – Jack Skipworth

Everyday Hero Nominee

Jack Skipworth


Humberside Fire and Rescue


About Jack,

Jack lives in Kirton in Lindsey, with his fiance and dogs. He works for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service in the training section; he is based at Hull and Immingham during the day. Jack also has a second position within the fire service as an on call firefighter. He is based at my local station in Kirton in Lindsey and responds to calls on evenings and weekends, he gives up his time to be on call and respond to fires, road traffic collisions and medical emergencies.


What do you feel has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been trying to get a good work life balance, making I dedicate my time to my work commitments at the  fire station but also ensuring I am at home enough to support my family, most importantly my fiance. I believe I have cracked the good work life balance but it hasn’t been easy.

What has stood out to you during lockdown?

What has stood out for me has been how as a nation we have pulled together to help those in need even more so than under normal circumstances. Also all the good people working hard  to make PPE to donate to the NHS and other organisations.  It has been such a difficult time for so many people but the community spirit and grit and determination to get through it and to start getting back to normal has been amazing.

What are the positives you found during this time?

For me personally the positives I’ve taken from this unprecedented time is the new friendships I have made in my local community, particularly my neighbours we have become close over lockdown. Whether it has been going to the shops for them, picking up medication or being there to talk to them. I believe there has been a lot of this all over the country and it should stay like this, we all need a helping hand now and again and some of us are afraid to take it, but by taking that hand you make a friend for life and that is one of the best things life can offer!

Jack is a great supporter of his local community, from helping neighbours with household tasks to visiting schools and giving talks about the firs service. He really is an everyday hero.



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