Everyday Hero Nominee David Garritt

Everyday Hero Nominee David Garritt

Everyday Hero Nominee

David Garritt

Deputy Mayor of Kirton in Lindsey


David has been nominated by his fellow colleagues at Kirton in Lindsey Town Council he was fundamental in setting up, organising and running the Kirton in Lindsey Covid-19 Response Team.  


About David

David is an acoustic consultant by trade, he runs a small company with his sister, he is also the Deputy Mayor of Kirton in Lindsey.

”It’s enjoyable and varied work that gets us all over the country for site visits, but the rest of the time I am based at home in Kirton in Lindsey with my wife and ten year old daughter. We love living here and so I volunteer as a Town Councillor, which has been a great experience and I’m currently Deputy Mayor. There’s a lot going on in this small town and it has kept me busy”


What do you feel has been your biggest challenge?

There isn’t one particular big thing that stands out, it’s been succession of small challenges and things to do that have felt quite relentless since March. The response of the community has been amazing and that has made everything much easier. We’ve also had the challenge that will be familiar to many people, of balancing family time, school work, normal work and all the other things that have needed doing – also the cancellation of many things we normally enjoy. I managed to injure my hand at end of March, but the NHS were utterly fantastic and one of our cats became very ill just after that, but the vets were equally wonderful.


What has stood out to you during lock down?

The overall response of our community, which has been absolutely top notch. We have a list of over 50 volunteers who can deliver shopping & prescriptions or offer whatever assistance is needed; businesses, shops and cafes/pubs/eateries have been making deliveries and the schools have done a wonderful job offering work and support for children. Volunteers delivered two leaflets to every house in the town with details of how to obtain assistance. There were people in the community making PPE and so many individuals have been helping friends and family. We haven’t even needed all of the volunteers yet, it’s been a superb effort.


What are the positives you found during this time?

This period has been incredibly tough for many people and we count ourselves rather fortunate through it all, but there are positives to be taken. I think the period has given some people an opportunity to rediscover a better work/life balance and caring for our fellow humans has been of more importance. We are all looking forward to some things returning to normal as much as they can, but I hope the various positives we can all take from the situation continue for a long time.




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