Everyday Hero Nominee Ian Lawrence

Everyday Hero Nominee Ian Lawrence

Everyday Hero Nominee

Ian Lawrence

About Ian 

Ian is an Ex RAF, Armourer and EOD for 24 years, he now runs two companies  Lincolnshire & Counties Training Solutions  for over 5 years and Lincolnshire Airsoft Club- Events company with Airsoft for over 12 years. Ian lives in Kirton in Lindsey and is Married with two sons and one daughte, he also has two grandchildren the youngest is only a few weeks old.

At the initial outbreak of Covid-19 and the implementation of lockdown, Ian Lawrence  volunteered as part of a Covid-19 Response Team set up by the Kirton in Lindsey Town Council.  He offered time, transport and access to his business for the production of information displays.  Ian wanted to do more for the towns community and the wider area.  He sourced the materials, necessary resources and further dedicated volunteers, and since March has produced the following items and distributed to those who needed them free of charge:

  • 4200 headband splash guards
  • 5342 ear protectors
  • 1800 buttons
  • 67 litres of Sanitiser
  • 150 fabric face coverings
  • 200 sets of Gloves
  • Various creams and sprays.

What do you feel has been your biggest challenge?

Working hard to build both companies and balance a home life and then losing all income due to the pandemic. This is something he is still recovering from of course a heart malfunction in May! Sourcing and distributing over 4200 visors to those who need them along with ear protectors and sanitisers. This is still ongoing!

What has stood out to you during lockdown?

How people have behaved. So many outstanding people in our local communities.

Are there any positives you found during this time?

I have found that those with the least tend to do the most.


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