Everyday Hero Nominee Sudbrooke Community Group

Everyday Hero Nominee Sudbrooke Community Group

Everyday Heroes Nominee

Sudbrooke Community Group

When the country asked the people of the UK to step forward and volunteer to help out your community during the corona virus crisis a group of Sudbrooke residents raised their hands.  They have spent the last few months helping out fellow villagers.

During that time they have collected 200 prescriptions, made 40 shopping deliveries from the local shop Group members also offered their services for dog walking, lawn mowing and a ‘listening ear’ for anyone who just wanted to chat to someone.

Wilkinson’s Farms, in the village, has had a surplus of eggs and has donated 10,000 eggs over the weeks to the villagers of Sudbrooke.  These were put at the gates of the members of the Support Group and picked up by residents on their daily walks.  The group even arranged delivery for those residents not able to get out to pick up their own eggs.

A local taxi business owner has also volunteered in the villages of Sudbrooke, Cherry Willingham, Fiskerton, Reepham and Langworth picking up the vulnerable and isolated people who have needed to go to a doctor’s appointment, hospital or if they needed shopping doing or collecting.

Anna Fane Sudbrooke Support Group coordinator had this to say;

”The most wonderful thing has been the friendships that have grown and we haven’t all met in person yet! We have operated using WhatsApp groups and it has worked really well; we have all got to know each other through this. We plan to meet up as soon as guidelines allow us to. The other thing we have found is we have identified where those who are most vulnerable are and many of us now have direct contact with these neighbours; I am convinced we will be available for these people for many years to come as long as there is need. It has been brilliant to see how Sudbrooke got on its feet pretty quickly and how much people were supporting each other not just through this support group.”






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