Everyday Hero Simon

Lights, Sirens, Simon

Simon works for the ambulance service as a paramedic, something he’s been doing since he qualified 10 years ago. But after training brought him to Lincolnshire, he’s also been saving lives as a volunteer too.

Get to know Simon

Born in Wales, Simon moved over to Lincolnshire a decade ago when he was placed in Grimsby for his paramedic training. Soon after qualifying as a paramedic he joined LIVES, he tells us why,

“I thought the objectives of the charity were good; to help the community, to be there in times of crisis and be the first on the scene to assist.  I like being able to help the community and when you progress through LIVES with the specialist skills and training you’re able to help a bigger community”

Simon has progressed through LIVES and is now a specialist paramedic, dealing with some of the most serious and life-threatening emergencies to give patients the best chance of survival and an improved recovery.

“It’s such an achievement when you know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s journey, in terms of their recovery or survival. There’s a real sense of pride when you know that a patient is going to make a good recovery because of the things that you did.”

Simon has a young family, with two young daughters at home, but he still gives as much time as he can to help people in Lincolnshire, something he says he finds incredibly rewarding,

“It’s difficult sometimes to switch off. It’s difficult to have a day off. If someone needs help I want to be there and I find it very difficult to not put myself forward if I’m available.”

So, why does Simon thinks LIVES matters? “The team” he says, referring to all the volunteers who respond for LIVES,

“The fact there’s such a huge number of volunteers in LIVES and we’re all willing to give up our free time, family time or social life to rush out and help someone in need. I think that’s fantastic”

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