Everyday Hero Sophie

Teenager on a mission

At 19, Sophie’s one of LIVES’ youngest volunteers. She’s not your typical teenager though, instead of obsessing over clothes or planning her next night out, she’s out saving lives.

Get to know Sophie

Sophie lives in a small village in the north of Lincolnshire with her parents and older brother. She’s studying for her A-levels and hoping to start at Lincoln University in September. Sounds pretty typical for a 19 year old, right? But Sophie’s not your average student as along with her studying Sophie is a LIVES responder. Sophie tells us about how it all started,

“One day, I was a couple of cars behind a really serious car accident and I didn’t know what to do or how to help. The woman involved was really seriously injured and sadly went on to pass away. I wished I could have done more. I’d known about LIVES since I was little, so I thought ‘let’s do LIVES’, I thought I could do something more constructive with my time than watching YouTube videos at home! I wanted to have been able to help with that car accident, and now I can.”

Since Sophie started responding with LIVES, she’s found a passion in helping people, and it has driven her to apply to study paramedic science at university in pursuit to become a paramedic. Sophie understands how important LIVES responders are to the patients and their families, but LIVES is also important to her as she tells us why she continues to respond,

“It’s the privilege of being able to walk through someone’s front door when they’re panicking or worrying because their family member is unwell and being able to say ‘Hello, my name’s Sophie and I’m here to help.’ I think that’s a lovely thing to do.”

For someone so young, Sophie has dealt with many tricky, and sometimes devastating, situations. But she knows she’s been able to make a difference thanks to the valuable training from LIVES. She describes LIVES as “the best emergency care experience that you could ever have.” And what does Sophie think about her experience so far with LIVES?

“LIVES is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

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