Everyday Heroes 2020

Everyday people saving lives.They are our Everyday Heroes.

LIVES has an army of volunteers who give up their time to help the people of Lincolnshire. Our volunteers are ordinary people who have spent valuable time training so that they can respond to 999 medical emergencies across the county.

This July we are looking for heroes across Lincolnshire who have made a difference in their local community. We know there are hundreds of people who have supported their friends and neighbours during Lockdown and we want to recognise their contribution.


Meet some our LIVES Responders who have been Everyday Heroes

“I only started volunteering with LIVES about a year ago. I enjoy everything about responding and I don’t mind going to any sort of callout. If I can help someone and potentially save an ambulance, then that’s great. The real rewarding calls are when you know you’ve done something that’s made a difference and that someone has benefitted for you being there before the ambulance. That makes it worthwhile.”

“Many of the call outs I have attended have actually been in the village I live in, meaning I can get to a person in a medical emergency in a matter of minutes. Not only can you get to someone incredibly quickly and when they need you the most, but often they are people you know so you are a familiar and friendly face to offer them reassurance and support on every level.”

“I first started volunteering for LIVES 25 years ago. What keeps me wanting to respond is that sense of making a difference. If you can be with someone on their worst ever day and make it better for them then I think you’ve achieved a lot. Particularly if you’ve saved somebody’s life, that’s incredibly rewarding and there’s people I still feel a special bond with, after having made that difference for them.

I have chosen to continue responding for LIVES during the Coronavirus, as I wanted to ensure my local community could access help even in these challenging times.”

“One day, I was a couple of cars behind a really serious car accident and I didn’t know what to do or how to help. I wished I could have done more. I’d known about LIVES since I was little, so I thought ‘let’s do LIVES!’ I thought I could do something more constructive with my time than watching YouTube videos at home! I wanted to have been able to help with that car accident, and now I can.”

“If someone needs help, I want to be there and I find it difficult to not putting myself forward if I’m available. I like being out there in the community and helping people who are particularly isolated and vulnerable especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s such an achievement when you know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s journey, in terms of their recovery or survival. There’s a real sense of pride when you know that a patient is going to make a good recovery because of the things that you did.”

I’ll never forget my first call out on my own after I’d completed my LIVES training and shadowing. You really feel the importance of doing the best for that person and their family. I remember my hands were shaking as I completed the paperwork after I’d helped the patient, but I also remember the feeling of immense pride, knowing I had made a difference to someone when they needed it most.”


While our volunteers give up their time for free, their training and equipment isn’t. It costs £1,000 to keep a responder on the road for a year.

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