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Whats Your 50 Virtual Challenge
10th April - 14th June
Whats your 50 challenge for LIVES

Sign up today to the LIVES What’s your 50 Virtual Challenge!

This unique challenge gives you the freedom to choose how you do your 50. Whether you walk, run or cycle your way to 50 kilometres or miles, the most important part is getting out there and staying active whilst all the time knowing that you are contributing to keeping our Community First Responders out on the road.

Samantha Scully a LIVES Community First Responder from Grantham has signed up for the challenge. She said: ‘I love going out for my hour of exercise every day, it is the perfect way to not only stay active but it gives me an opportunity to clear my mind a bit after being inside all day. The thought of doing 50 kilometres was a bit daunting at first but if you break it down into small chunks you can do a couple of kilometres every day and still easily achieve it, as it is all recorded on Strava it is easy to keep a track of how far I have gone, and how much I have left. As well as keeping me focused on how far I am moving each day, I know that the £5 entry fee goes straight to the charity’.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now by following the link below and start tracking those distances?

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