#HeroHour: Brett, LIVES Paramedic 

#HeroHour: Brett, LIVES Paramedic 

#HeroHour: Brett, LIVES Paramedic

Brett’s a paramedic for the ambulance service, but even on his days off he’s there for people in a medical emergency as Brett is also a volunteer for LIVES. Brett tells us a bit about what it’s like being a LIVES paramedic…

“I am currently in my days off from the ambulance service. On Saturday whilst outside in the garden with my children my wife came outside and told me my “LIVES alert tone” had gone off on my phone. I read it and it was a category one call, which is the highest type of call, for a paediatric breathing problem.”

Brett logged on to the call and was on scene within 2 minutes. He was able to provide care to the patient and support the family until the ambulance arrived. After this, Brett goes back home, gets changed and carries on spending time with his family. This isn’t an unusual occurrence, Brett is regularly called out in his spare time.

“On a Sunday not too long ago, whilst ironing the children’s school uniforms, I received an advisory message for a patient who had fallen from a horse on the beach. I rang up and volunteered to go. On arrival the patient was approximately half a mile away from the road and was being treated by 2 LIVES responders. The dangerous situation that the patient was in was recognised quickly by the responders and the coast guard was called as the patient had fallen that far out on the beach that the tide was surrounding us. The patient had suspected traumatic injuries and was being treated with pain relief. We co-ordinated a rescue, making the appropriate calls to get the patient transported to a major trauma centre.”

After 3 hours on the scene of the emergency, Brett was finally able to return home to his family, but not before completing the relevant paperwork, cleaning his car which was now full of sand from the beach and restocking his kit so he was prepared to respond again.


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