#HeroHour: Fran

#HeroHour: Fran

#HeroHour: Fran

Have you ever wondered what makes someone want to become a responder for LIVES?

Fran’s new to LIVES, having qualified as a responder earlier this year. Fran tells us why he decided to join LIVES and become a Community First Responder…

“I’ve been involved in scouting for 46 years and a leader for 34 years, so first aid has always been something that I have done. I’ve also been a first aider at work I’ve always understood the importance of delivering basic, immediate care.”

But, it was an incident that happened closer to home that really made Fran start to think about doing something more.

“On 1st November 2016 my brother and his wife had been out seeing to their horses, David, my brother, took a step into the house and slumped to the floor in cardiac arrest. His wife ran and got a neighbour who performed CPR for 20 minutes until help arrived. They used a defibrillator on David seven times until they regained a pulse. Four stents later, David is alive and well.”

“This obviously shocked us all and was the inspiration for me to start campaign for my local village to get a public access defibrillator. Once it was installed I went to a meeting to be trained in its use and found out that it was LIVES who had provided the defibrillator.”

Fran got talking to the team at LIVES and decided to start the process to become a first responder for LIVES.

“I haven’t looked back since. On 13th January this year I qualified as a First Responder. I can safely say that becoming a responder is one of best things that I have done, I feel very privileged to be a member of LIVES. Helping people in their hour of need is such a special feeling.”


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