#HeroHour: Sarah’s Dad

#HeroHour: Sarah’s Dad

#HeroHour: Sarah’s Dad

Last year, Sarah and her family started supporting LIVES, holding a garden party last summer and earlier this year Sarah took on the Lincoln 10k. But Sarah has a very special reason for choosing to support LIVES. She tells us about her dad…

“In June 2017, my dad suffered a brain haemorrhage at home in a remote part of Lincolnshire. He lives a good 25 minute drive away from any paramedic team to get to him – and that would be on a good day with no traffic and knowing where they were going.”

Sarah’s mum made the 999 call and a LIVES responder was dispatched. Within 2 minutes they were at Sarah’s parents’ house.

“The LIVES responder was based in the same village, which is why she could get there so fast. She acted quickly and efficiently. Her actions saved my dad’s life.”

The LIVES responder was able to phone ahead to the hospital. Sarah’s dad had an emergency CT scan which resulted in an immediate referral to Hull Royal Infirmary. He was operated on a few hours later and afterwards spent a week in intensive care. After a few further weeks at hospital, he came home.

“We are now on the lifelong journey of my dad’s rehabilitation. At the time of the incident we were told the success rate of survival was low and regaining as much function as my dad has, was rare. Dad has made a really good recovery to date, but most importantly to me has been my dad has met his 2 grandsons born the January after his accident. I was a few weeks pregnant when this happened and I prayed every night he would recover enough to meet both my son and my brother’s son.”

Sarah and her family believe that without the responder’s quick decisions and actions, her dad wouldn’t be alive today.

“We are forever in debt to the responder and the time that they give to the community. We have raised almost £1,000 for LIVES so far and plan on doing more to continue our support for LIVES”.


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