LIVES Critical Care

LIVES Critical Care

Recently a LIVES Critical Care Paramedic was requested to support an East Midlands Ambulance Service crew with a patient who they had successfully resuscitated from a cardiac arrest.

The patient was only semi-conscious and had airway obstruction and severe respiratory failure. Our Critical Care Paramedic successfully gained access to the circulation by using an intraosseous device (injecting into the bone marrow) with local anaesthetic to numb any pain.

They then used sedation and airway tools to improve the respiratory failure before handing over to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance team. Our Critical Care Paramedic supported the air ambulance team to deliver an emergency general anaesthetic, who then transferred the patient to hospital.

Just another example of the extended skills LIVES bring and how crucial the teamwork across different emergency services is in an emergency.



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