Meet the Team: Adam
Meet the Team - Adam

Meet the Team: Adam

Meet the Team: Adam

Meet Adam! Adam is the HQ Business Support Manager at LIVES and it’s safe to say we’d be pretty lost without him… Adam’s role is very varied with lots of different elements and responsibilities that support the whole of LIVES and helps to keep the organisation going.

Our Community First Responders, Medic Responders, HQ teams and partnering organisations all work with Adam in one way or another so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re familiar with his name or face! A lot of what Adam does is under the radar but he looks after some really vital work for LIVES behind the scenes and ensures our responders are safe and qualified to be out there looking after you!

Adam is always on the other end of the phone if there’s a problem to be solved. He’s been with LIVES for over five years and has been an instrumental part on the changes and development the organisation has gone through during that time.

Adam enjoys working with all our volunteers, and he loves helping to find a solution, which is good because it’s something he does quite a lot of in his role! Whether you’re a new responder, member of staff, fundraiser or returning member, Adam is there to welcome you with open arms and to answer any questions you have.

He also loves a good spreadsheet and is on hand with any data or stats we need to help monitor and report on our operations and impact – something that’s really important at LIVES.

Adam loves getting to meet and speak to people face to face, so during the COVID-19 outbreak, he has found the changes a bit challenging.

“I find the isolation the most difficult and not seeing people. The support I’d usually provide face to face is now done over the phone or video call, you can’t just pop and see someone to ask a quick question.” he says.

But, Adam’s doing a great job from home and is still there on the other end of the phone for anyone who needs him. Thank you for your hard work Adam – you’re doing a fantastic job!


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