Meet the Team: Rich & Tony

Meet the Team: Rich & Tony
Rich and Tony

MEET THE TEAM: Operational Support Team

Meet Rich and Tony, the LIVES Operational Support Team. Rich and Tony help to look after our army of Community First Responders across Lincolnshire to support their responding. They both have key roles in everything from recruitment of new responders to re-qualification and welfare support.

As a Community First Responder, Rich or Tony will usually be the first point of call if support is needed from the HQ team. Rich and Tony both do a fantastic job at supporting a vast group of volunteers, based all across the county with varying backgrounds and experience. They are there for new volunteers as well as past members who want to support the charity in other ways. With over 20 years of experience with LIVES between them, our army of volunteers know that they are being looked after

Rich and Tony are both Community First Responders themselves and are extremely passionate about the work LIVES does, which is probably why they’re so dedicated to their roles. Tony loves being part of the ‘LIVES family’ and says it’s the “overwhelming support and camaraderie of our members in times of crisis that makes me want to come to work every morning and wear my uniform with pride, knowing that if LIVES needs any help or support or myself personally, it’s just a phone call or a message away.”

They both love working alongside our incredible volunteers, Rich says it’s one of the favourite parts of his job: “I love being able to provide dedicated support to our volunteers to ensure they are able to concentrate on what they do best – responding! Plus I love responding too as a volunteer – after all that’s the reason I’m doing this job!”

During the Coronavirus outbreak, LIVES, like many organisations, has had to change and adapt the way we work. While our Community First Responders and Medics are still responding, we have put extra measures in place to ensure they can do so safely. Rich and Tony have played a huge part in supporting this as well as helping to manage the extra support we have offered to vulnerable individuals during this difficult time.

The isolation measures have also meant that they’ve been unable travel as much as they usually would, which has been something Rich and Tony have both found challenging to adapt to but have quickly got to grips with new ways to remotely support our volunteers.

“Although both myself and Tony are used to working from home, we are also used to actually being able to get together and plan things out on a table or whiteboard and discuss and organise our plans. We’ve been using more video conferencing, but isn’t quite the same as being there in person.” says Rich.

Tony also tells us they’re missing the social interaction they have with many of our Community First Responders too.

“I think the most challenging has to be the not being able to visit my districts at meetings, training sessions, event medical support and fundraising events or the cups of coffee with individual coordinators or responders alike to show how much their continued efforts and support are truly appreciated.”

Rich and Tony are eager to get back out and about in communities across Lincolnshire to support the army of LIVES Community First Responders but for now, they’re doing a fantastic job of supporting them in new ways from afar.


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