Day & Night

LIVES responders & medics attend thousands of medical emergencies every year.

But did you know that almost half of these emergencies are at night? Just like accidents and medical emergencies don't only happen in daylight hours, LIVES responders don't stop volunteering when the sun goes down.  Last year we attended thousands of emergencies between the hours of 7pm and 7am, this includes our medic responders who are trained doctors, nurses and paramedics who volunteer in the spare time for LIVES. These medics can bring advanced skills to a remote location, which can often be the difference between life and death in many instances.
Advanced Paramedic

Could you be their light?

We’re lucky that we have over 700 volunteer Community First Responders and 70 volunteer medics across Lincolnshire who are willing and committed to being there for people in their hour of need, day or night, whatever the weather. But, we need your help to support them.

These volunteers give up their time for free but we rely on donations to fund their training and equipment, so that they can continue to be there. Without this support, they can’t continue.


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