Volunteers’ Week 2020

Volunteers’ Week 2020

Volunteers’ Week 2020

From 1st – 7th June it’s Volunteers’ Week and we’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers.

Without our volunteers, there wouldn’t be LIVES. All our Community First Responders are volunteers. They give up their time for free to train and respond to emergencies across Lincolnshire.

But what does it mean to be a LIVES volunteers and what makes someone want to become one?

Meet Rachael, one of our Community First Responders. She tells us what volunteering for LIVES means to her…

“I became a volunteer for LIVES because I had reached a time in my life where I felt I could give something back to my community. I had met other LIVES Responders in the village and spoken to them about what it was like and what was required. I thought that, ‘yes, I could do that’ and with my background in nursing, felt that I could use my experience to help those in need.

Before moving to Lincolnshire, I lived in a city where we were only 5 minutes drive to the hospital. Moving to such a rural area was wonderful for the peace and quiet compared to city living, but you had to consider that the nearest hospital was approximately 30 minutes away. That was a big difference. Having Community First Responders who can attend to you so quickly within your community makes such a difference. I have experienced this first hand when I had anaphylaxis and a Responder attended before an ambulance. It was so reassuring to have someone there. I also attended my Mum as a LIVES Responder, who was extremely ill and ended up in ICU. Being able to be there for her and give her the 02 that she needed whilst waiting for an ambulance made such difference. In such a rural setting and with the ambulance service being stretched, LIVES Responders are such a vital and important resource and hopefully, can make such a difference to a person and their family in their time of need.

Becoming a LIVES volunteer has changed my life. I feel so satisfied that I can be there for my community and for me, be able to offer my experience to people. Although, you don’t need to have any previous experience as the training is excellent and other Responders are always there to guide you. Within my group, I have gained a new family who are also wonderful friends and we are there to support each other in supporting people who are vulnerable and in need. I can highly recommend LIVES and the excellent training and ongoing mentorship they offer. Thank you LIVES.”

LIVES Responder

Thank YOU Rachael!


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