Been Seen by LIVES?

Have you been seen by a LIVES Community First Responder or Medic?

Your Feedback

If you or your family member has been seen by a Community First Responder or Medic and would like to leave feedback, you can do so by completing the following form:

Your feedback is really important to us and our volunteers, not only does it help us improve the service of care we provide but we always ensure that any thanks we receive are passed on to the individual(s) involved, which really means a lot to us and our volunteers.

Your Stories

We love hearing about your experience with LIVES and how we have made a difference to you. Do you have a story about LIVES you would like to share to help promote the important work we do? If so, please email [email protected] with your story or a brief summary and a member of the Fundraising & Marketing team will be in touch.

Saying Thank You

if you would like to personally say thank you to a LIVES Community First Responder or Medic Responder who has helped you or your family member, we can help assist this and forward on any messages of thanks or cards from patients. It is not always possible to meet the responder in person but if this is something you would like to enquire about, please contact the LIVES HQ team on [email protected] or call 01507 525999 and a member of our team may be able to facilitate an opportunity to say thank you.

Patient Data

Where LIVES volunteers are first on the scene to a medical emergency they will complete a Patient Report Form, this Patient Report Form details the care they have provided. If you are transported to the hospital this form will go with you to the hospital to support your onward care, if you are left at home we’ll leave a copy at home with you.

A copy of this patient report form is retained centrally by LIVES, this data is used by LIVES for audit purposes and to support your care. This data is not used for fundraising or marketing purposes.

This data is shared with our NHS partners and where we have a legal obligation to share with the police or Coroners in certain circumstances.

Your personal data can be requested by submitting a subject access request to [email protected]